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About Disarm Skill

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  • About Disarm Skill

    I think this skill is very unffair, without this skill I can do like 10k of damage in the Archer, and when he cast Disarm I do only 3k of damage...

    How can I fight against a skill who reduce my damage in 80% more or less... any tips?

    I think this skill needs to be revised

  • #2
    i like revised... as of the warrior..its also unfair for us when they are using thor shield..ahhehe.. and besides.. when we cast disarm, we are no ur the one to hit first ryt??XD


    • #3
      Sure, take Disarm off. If you take Thunder and Heal off Mages and Thor and reflect/rebound from warriors.
      Every classes has their own "unfair" skills, that other classes don't have. That's what make the uniqueness and usefulness of a specific class over another one.


      • #4
        hey if you remove the shield from wariors i have no problem to remove me disarm hahhaha

        s4 europe


        • #5
          Every class has something that the other classes hate.. Part of gaming with a tri system. Figure out ways around it
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          • #6
            the disarm skill is a pain in pvp but once your into higher levels its not alot of help being as it wont affect the attack as much but it is a life saver in mp dungeons several cant be dont at first without it unless you br is insainly high