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  • Guildbattles

    Is it me or is it just a kind of speed dating ..... dont like it at all were is the inspiration to make something nice of it? should not be that hard i think to make something of it

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    what do you suggest, can be done to make it more enjoyable ?
    Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

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      well a bit more like the wartune game defending towers and on.. i think that should be possible for this game aswell... maybe protect dragons (guilddragons? / ward) / attack guild dragons? / ward...
      at this time i did not speak to anybody who liked the current setting of the gb and they say its even more boring as pest control.. i hope that says enough..
      just nobody posting here to complain... i like dragon palls realy just some things could improve to make it even more fun

      now we click on a line... drink coffee for 30 minutes with luck 20 minutes...
      also the walking in gb looks bad..... its like i have a handicapt


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        Lol "also the walking in gb looks bad..... its like i have a handicapt". Quite humorous

        Thank you for your feedback. I'll forward it to the correct department for them to take into consideration.
        -Any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM me directly.

        Payments issues? File a ticket


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          thank you