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Male/Female Only Marriage Needs to be Recoded

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  • Male/Female Only Marriage Needs to be Recoded

    I look to the Dev team to have the marriage aspect of Dragon Pals re-coded. The current system of a male and female only marriage has been done already and failed. Games like Star Wars: The Old Republic had to re-code this system after players were upset. I've talked to guild mates that also feel the need to sex or have gender imposed on their characters is unnecessary in the first place. Then to force players to choose only opposite sexed characters as partners to marry is simply ridiculous.

    Games are an art and they often reflect the views of the society that makes them. I'm sure some people are upset that today that Dragon pals launched a system that says gay marriage is unacceptable. While this may not be the viewpoint of the Dragon Pals team it is what is being stated by allowing for only opposite sex marriages. Please update the marriage system to allow for any two characters to marry and get the rewards associated with it. There is no need to force players to choose characters based on their sex. Their choice should be because they like they way their character looks and makes them feel as a player. Their choice to marry should be one that comes from finding an online player they enjoy playing with not because of some outdated system.

    Anyone reading this who says "who cares it's just a game"... go look at the stats on that ring. Anyone who is a top end player will want the advantages that ring gives, I don't want to sacrifice the ring because of an outdated marriage system which reflects a view point that I don't want to play under.

    (Personal info, I am a female player who plays with a RL male partner I'm married to. I choose a male archer because I liked the way he looked. I prefer my gaming characters to wear more clothing than what's typical of female characters. I am disappointed that I cannot marry my in game partner today because of this marriage system that won't allow for it)

    - Diva [S18] Spectral Mountain (US East)
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    I have to agree with this point of view. I know that the dev team may not have intended it, but by placing reward items you can only get through marriage of a male/female character pair, enforces that notion of what is acceptable. This simply is no longer the case in several parts of the world, and I would like to see the game reflect that. Not only because of "human rights" or "political topics", but because games should be a place of far less restriction and removal of social norming and ideas. I currently play a male character in the cross-dressed outfit. I at first thought this would rain down the ignorant comments of "you must be gay", but instead it has turned into quite a great joke and positive experience with my clan. Joking around about my legs and how I look has been fun and refreshing. Why did I choose it? Because I could, it was fun, and it was different and something I hadn't got to do in another game. I would like to see this freedom extended to the concept of marriage in game. I see no reason to not allow whoever marry whoever.

    As Diva pointed out, this is a concept which has come up and required to be changed in other games. This concept of males can only marry females does put restrictions in the game which are unnecessary. Let the gamers enjoy the game and express themselves in whatever means they choose. If that happens to be same sex marriage because their best friend plays with them and they are same sex in game, great. Or if it same sex marriage in game is done just cause you can when other parts of the world say you can't, then give that freedom to those who wish to express it within Dragon Pals. Games are a wonderful thing and allow people to express who they are or who they want to be or do things they can't do in real life. I say remove the restriction and allow people to just be who they wish to be. Games can become the great escape so many of us seek. Please don't put unnecessary restrictions where we go to take a deep breath and escape all the norming and expectations of society and life.

    Dalisar [S18] Spectral Mountain (US East)


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      I am stopping this thread right here before it becomes an argument. We can not change anything that is not in the original Chinese version. You will not find very many games that have origins in China with any option for same sex marriage. What I can tell you is that with the marriage update will come the option to purchase a gender change card.

      Now that being said this is a game, it does not reflect real life or anyone's real life values. Closed.
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