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centaur maiden

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  • centaur maiden

    i wonder if i should use her to buff up the attacks for the others,but 0 visible info about how many % attack buff they get,and how long it lasts... so possible to get any info about this??

    and it would be nice if you added some numbers on those cards,so we could see that it is for example 1% for each lvl,and if we upgrade the lvl this much,so would the special skill improve that much etc...

    easier to judge if we can see how good they are instead of just guessing...

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    Personally I don't use centaur maiden at all. I did on the test server but found it was useless at the later levels. Currently working on the Aoelian Dragon with the following setup.

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      ok..thanks... i use 4 of the same as you use,and that's my top 4,but it's the 5th i got problems with choosing.... my top 2 got aoe and heal,my 3rd is def and attack up to 3,my 4th attack up to 3,and the 5th i consider is the 2nd def as tank,but hes skill sucks,or her to buff,but i don't know how much it helps etc...

      looks like you use the 1 that attacks up to 2 as your 5th,so he attacks maybe 2 enemies with 100% compared to the def guy that hit maybe 150% (just random guesses,because we have not been given any numbers)... so i'm not sure if i should chose him,and hope he is a useful tank,chose the def guy and use him as a tank etc...


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        hi i was wondering wht means increase hero limit?i use it 2-3 times byt i didnt see anything change what is it for??

        s4 europe


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          Originally posted by thodoris83 View Post
          hi i was wondering wht means increase hero limit?i use it 2-3 times byt i didnt see anything change what is it for??
          i'm not sure about what you are talking about,but i'm guessing that it's low leadership... if so,you need to increase leadership to use more of those hero cards... the green cards takes 5 leadership,blue takes 15,purple takes 30 etc... the leadership raise every time you level up your summoner,so you can evolve and upgrade when you get enough materials and leadership...
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            Click image for larger version

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            i mean this ^ hero limit what that do

            s4 europe


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              The so call inventory bag slot limit.

              Each exp card holds as 1 hero slot, while each of your monster hero card holds 1 slot also.
              Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

              Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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                i see thanks for the respond

                s4 europe


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                  i just use some xp cards,and have never had any needs for raising it by now...