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  • Poor help

    I am stopping this thread right here before it becomes an argument. We can not change anything that is not in the original Chinese version. You will not find very many games that have origins in China with any option for same sex marriage. What I can tell you is that with the marriage update will come the option to purchase a gender change card.

    Now that being said this is a game, it does not reflect real life or anyone's real life values. Closed.

    Really a huge % of the game is not correct... I am just wondering why we can not have arguments!!!

    And yes it does reflect on the person who made this game in RL!!! Means they are gay Phob!!!

    We were told that we can make suggestions we were told the last patch was some of our suggestion!!! HMMMM Not sure how that was our suggestion raising the the amount of vouchers we spend on everything but that's cool!!!!

    By implementing our suggestions which I doubt really happens then you are not staying true too the Chinese version.... Should I bring out the differences!!!

    In all of this being said what was the trouble with the thread nothing!!! People argue so what!!! But your lies is one thing that is wrong with the game!!!!

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    O the thread happened too be on the marriage!!!