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lag fix

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  • lag fix

    is there any possibility to lower graphic details or turn off animations ?

    it should make game working smoother ( especialy without animations )

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    yeah you can use a firefox or google chrome add on its called low quality flash 0.2 or if your using opera like me cause its even faster you can use the opera extension that allows you to use chrome add ons just search in google opera extension for google chrome then use the google chrome low quality flash add on


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      thx, I will test it


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        there is a issue with flash player and excessive system lag, its not a issue that DP can resolve as its a adobe flash issue and even a animation reducation is not really going to fix the issue....

        I have heard that the last flash player update combined with the last google chrome update, can really bog computers down, so players may need to watch for that
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          thats why they should use opera