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They need to nerf flames of rage

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    Actually people hate Mages Healing, People hate Warriors Shield. I personally use Meteor, Eternal Spring, Thunder all maxed and fare quite well in cage and arena. But then I did work on my orbs, particulary Mountain and Force Field as I stated.
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      i get full coins in cage every day allways have problem is in TH flames of rage can 1 shot every1 and if its as flawed as kiwtwritten says then why do all archers us it cause they know how good it is and yescafe i use the same set up as you only set up we can use also iv nevr heard any1 say i hate mages healing but hear about flames of rage constantly an archer in my guild says how strong flames of rage is a move
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        any skill has a weakness and flaw, I dare say most archers use it for the one hit kill as they know that the majority of players they are fighting, will die to it....but there will always be the players that learn about the flames and how to survive it and build a character that can withstand it.....

        the mage should be weaker against the archer but there are mages that can stand against the flames of rage so I immediately ask myself how do they do it, what is the weakness that they have found, and it appears to be crit def ( archers rely on crit a lot ) and phys def ( archers use a phys skill, not magic like mages ) and also damage reduction.... all of them combined, really hurt the archers ability to inflict damage......

        the other aspect of why they are able to withstand it, is their level and the time they have put into their characters..... its easy to say they cashed up, but any player still has to work on their character to get it from a good character to a excellent one.....and that is why some players level sit for a while and build their characters before they level to the next step and level sit again..... its a tactic I am doing because I am learning from the other players how I should build my character to beat things like the flames of rage......
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          that's the only thing that archer has.. the flame of range.. then someone wants to make it disappear?? what else will be left for archer if that happens? can't you jealous i am with a mage? my burn is like ex. 360 damage.. and the thunder can have 5k damage.. can u imagine that?? even if i ignore the attack of a mage.. the thunder still reduces my hp

          your just annoyed by an archer..but archer is really one of the weakest.. we are maybe just supporters.. we have a hard tym killing warrior. and mage damage really do hurt us..we don't have heal, we don't have shield.. we only have something to reduce your armor and attack..but you can still attack us and reduce our hp..zzZZZ...
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