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Stamina "50% Sale"

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  • Stamina "50% Sale"

    Inside the game right now at least on server 11 the stamina is on sale 500 stamina for 1k coins. At the side of the stamina bar in the game we can purchase 20 stamina for 10 gold. You dont need to be a maths professor to figure out that this is not a 50% sale and is misleading for newer players who dont know you can purchase stamina at the side of the stamina bar.

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    The stamina on the bar goes up in price as you buy, it is not going to stay at the same low price.
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      does it go back to 10gold for 20 stamina at the start of each day like the spirit offering?


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        yes it does, it resets every day which is a relief, I am not sure that my gold would last long if it was 50 gold each click, and counting lol
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