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Dragon Guardians and Holy Seal

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  • Dragon Guardians and Holy Seal


    I'm facing a weird situation. I don't really know if its a bug or not, so i will explain whats happening.
    I've reached level 66 and summoned my Holy Dragon. Upgraded it a bit.

    Comparing to the previous dragon i was using, the Ancient Aeolian, here are the differences:

    Ancient Aeolian Dragon
    Quality: Perfect
    Skill Level: 5

    Holy Dragon
    Quality: Excellent
    Skill Level: 2

    I thought it wouldn't matter much if i use the Holy Dragon from now on so i made some tests in the Arena first.
    I was dealing a bit less with the Holy Dragon as expected. It was something like 5k less damage, which is not that huge difference but that skill buff it's way better than the Ancient Aeolian because it lowers both Attack and Defense.

    The odd thing i noticed is that the Holy Dragon was Sealed (by the Holy Seal) at the end of the first turn. My opponent was a Warrior and he just did the Shield on him. He didn't attacked.
    Well, that was the first thing i noticed. My Holy Dragon was Sealed everytime. In the whole fight he just made one skill.
    Another aspect was the damage he took. He left the fight with 30% HP.

    With Ancient Aeolian, the dragon never ever was sealed. And his HP stood at 80%.

    I know how Holy Seal works for players, but how it works for Dragon Guardians? Is it by quality, skill level or something else?
    Also, why Holy Dragon was taking more damage if both have the same stats and Battle Rate?

    PS: I wasted all my Arena attempts. In all of them the results were the same. I doubt it was luck of him at all the times we've fought.
    [S64] Spira

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    If your drag is not level 4 skill, there is % of your drag getting sealed. Depend on the player level (if that person only has lv1 HS, its 1 turn and so on)

    If your drag is in front of you, ur drag face the player HS
    Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

    Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?