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Treasure hunt

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    so seems the another person asked that make it wear once the person went AFK in TH and reaches 15 attemps auto kick him from it
    mmmm GREAT IDEA mmm you mean i click aouto treasure hunt and my baby is in room i go change diaper and come 25mins later to see i'am still Auto in TH
    this means i really did not want to stay Auto Treasure Hunt for 30mins was just wanting to win 15 and quit let my guild mates win thiers.
    """"BUT NO TO HARD TO DO THIS""""" have to change hole game to auto kick some one from solo afk 15 times make him/her reenter and re "AFK" TH again for 15 turns
    but thast to easy to solve promblems that way really seriously we likes it the way it is stop complaining about this Treasure Hunt please


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      and list of sugjestions continues.
      but to allow VIP10 Player after 1 year who is CSC Champion #1 player in his server and has the best Nymph in his server and best Dragon in his server
      just click Auto Treasure hunt after full year in game from start of TH till end Of TH and wins like 100 times in TH but only got 450 Dragon Coins in Th after100wins
      is so cool and fair to evry player in game and must """ABSUTLEY NEVR CHNG""" that TH giving all thoose player what they want in TH is bad for business we must keep them unhappy so they play the game more lol good business works this way


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        wuggla, this is your official warning, Next spam powerposting from you and you will be removed from the forums for a time.
        File a ticket
        for payment issues
        For issues with DragonPals send email to:

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          power posting? more like junk spam posting. He even make a guide thread that hurt my eyes and brain and answer that thread himself. makes me think is he a robot or can't use the edit button!