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need some action in server 84! DEAD SERVER!!!!!!

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  • need some action in server 84! DEAD SERVER!!!!!!

    our server is dying!!!! server 84!
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    ​IGN: Justeyn23
    Server : 84
    Guild: OLYMPUS

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    ever visit S96? same thing happen there. IF its so boring you can always move to older server since the casher and non-casher there refuse to give in that easily.


    • #3
      I spent a lot of money in s84
      ​IGN: Justeyn23
      Server : 84
      Guild: OLYMPUS


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        your not alone. just be patience for now, our time to be merge will come.


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          its al dying becouse the only make new servers so the old ones slowly dies ..its no fun playing anymore i think more people think same as me


          • #6
            Yes even in S92 only the top 6 people are getting boring also there


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              well S56 has been dieing for months, some of the highest have already quit and some are slowly getting higher, all you can do is wait, they will choose when to merge and not merge. I would say when it cost more to keep the server then they gain is when you will get a merger. The sad part is they loose some massive spenders doing it all this way
              S56 - Remcon


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                It's the same for S55. I don't think there are more than, say...30 active players in the server - all split amongst 3 guilds, surprisingly. We're hanging on and waiting for server merge - in the meantime, we're steadily building our chars in preparation for that.

                We do look forward to Saturday GBs though - it's a heated battle for the title. lol. 5 vs 5 from top 2 guilds today...was fun. XD

                For DI, I think we usually have 3 participants. Most I've seen since server started dying is probably 7-10.
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                  try none in the morning and 1 (me) at night. thats how dead DI on S96. lucky S65 sttill have more than 10 each DI but thats it.


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                    Many people leave because of boredness or people left to New server because there are too many spenders there or do they really want to be number 1 in server? Who knows. Dragonpals needs a lot of attention to attract people to come to this server. Like ads, wartune received loads of people because of it... I personally love playing dragonpals but hated losing battles to it, but thats just a part of the game. If we need more people to join servers and keep the serve alive.. My best suggestion is to get attract people's attention to this game... like for example, YouTube is a great way to attract people by showing gameplay and more... In the future, I sure hope that Dragonpals will be popular game :-)
                    S167 - Tenebrous Sea (US East)
                    Level 69 - 2.8m BR

                    Started Playing DragonPals since September 2013... Still not loving it.


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                      I am seriously going to go through and start removing posts requesting server merges. They are getting to them, but we want to proceed in an orderly pace.
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                      • #12
                        I feel for you guys. There will be 100 new servers before you get your merge.