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O_o demon invasion o_O

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  • O_o demon invasion o_O

    hate to say this but even after boosting max ameth i got was 8mil .... any knight could share some info abt how u do it?? pls dont tell me i need higher crit ..... and i dont cash if that helps.... thnx a lot .... this is my char Click image for larger version

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    Well, I would suggest one thing, but you said not to say it, so I wont.


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      Here are the tips:

      - Critical Chance from gems and orbs
      - Critical Damage from orbs
      - PATK orbs
      - All gear refined to have both PATK and STR (you can have then critical chance next)
      - Go to Demon Invasion without defensive skills, like the shield. Use your Single Target spell.
      - Mountain orb can evade the ultimate skill of the DI monsters. High level orbs can make you attack one extra turn or more.
      - Boost yourself with Crit Scroll, PATK scroll and a PATK potion from the Guild Shop
      - Use vouchers to Auto-Resurrect and Upgrade Stats to the max. If you haven't enough vouchers, save them. Keep in mind you need around 1100-1300 vouchers to do a fully buffed Demon Invasion (depends on your server time to clear the things)
      [S64] Spira


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        you type of person who don't believe in crit do you? you play warrior and focus on pdef, mdef and crit def but want more amethys at DI without crit and don't wanna use cash, so all i can say you can try always use voucers or start to wake up from long long dream.


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          err let me ask u guys one thing .... which one of ur main char is a knight?


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            1) Crit is a must for doing DI (most likely you gotta have at least 9k~11K Crit for a near all hit critical)

            2) Crit Damage is also a must for a burst in damage which gives you more Ame. Apo Orb will requires you to had a high level of at least 8.

            3) As a warrior, sad to say, we need to have 2 set of orbs if you are either 69//79 (pure tanker & pure damage).

            4) High damage nymph.

            5) Pretty much wat others have said. doesn't need to be an warrior for that.

            Im a warrior btw.
            Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

            Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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              Your main issue is Crit. Like many people have said, you may need to have two sets of orbs; One set for DI, one set for everything else.

              Personally, I only use one set, mainly attuned for DI and tanking both. Skills, use Tornado Slash, Strikeback, and Bleed.

              Here are my stats as a warrior, if that gives you any sort of idea of what to set up for. I have lower Crit Def, but my Defs, health, and shield make up for it.
              Click image for larger version

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                thnx a lot guys i ll work on my second set of orbs now