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how we get dragon essense skills?

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  • how we get dragon essense skills?


    I got my dragon essence total lvl to 10 today and i thought i get 1st skill today.
    but i didn't.
    maybe it is 2nd condition but i din't know what it means:
    'Dragon essence o star(s) reach(es): 1'

    what is this?
    my current lvl is 10 but i don't have first skill yet.


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    The dragons skills are obtained by essence and tattoo. The tattoos will increase the levels while essence will open new skills the first skill is opened when essence stars reach 10


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      i think you are wrong.
      because my overall essence in stars for me is 10 but no skills opened.
      i think 2nd condition is number of stars i need to evolve before skill opens.
      i have not evolved any star, and that condition means that i need to evolve 1 star to get that skill(i say that because for last skill condition number is 9 and there are 9 stars there).
      my purpe dragon tatto is 10(all skills lvl 3), but my dragon passive skill is not activated yet. then i guess 2nd condition is number of stars evolved.
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        Can you post a screen shot of your essence screen so i can see?


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          Tambien me pasa lo mismo tengo nivel 10 de estrellas pero me aparece en rojo.

          Confirmado necesitas envolver es el segundo requisito. Envolvi mi primera estrella y al fin se desbloqueo el primer skill.

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            I've tested it my self it does appear you have to have at least 1 star evolved, which for me took about 10-20 may vary depending on your luck, considering i had one level up after 2 clicks.