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Dragon Orbs

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  • Dragon Orbs

    Hi, I am level 69 so I only have 6 dragon orb slots per dragon (12 total) and my dragon orbs are all level 7. To get the big break title which is to own 14 level 7 orange orbs, I leveled 2 other orange orbs to level 7 in my bags. But I did not get the title after I hit level 7 on the 14th orb. Is this a bug?

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    No the orbs put be equipted to the dragons so you must reach lvl 70


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      The descriptions need some working on. It said owning and not equiping. Owning and equiping are 2 very different words and meaning, don't you agree?


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        Yes they are different but it could have come down to bad translation and many may view owning and wearing as the same since you receive no benefits for it just sitting in your bag.


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          At last a MOD who agrees with me on bad translation or description in game. Bad or wrong translation will normally bring disputes, especially for cashing items and features.


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            LOL it may be a bad wording but it happens


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              Least you're all set for when you level up ^^ I'm miles off having my orbs at a decent overall level for my level ^^
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                Thats a good way to view it


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                  Originally posted by ChronosDPS View Post
                  LOL it may be a bad wording but it happens
                  I have a question if you know about that, why no one fix it?


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                    I have reported it but if its not a major problem it wont be fixed as fast, there are generally more pressing issues like working on the next patch or planning hot events


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                      the one to blame is not the staff here since the developers did their own translation. and trust me ... i know just how "good" english most chinese in mainland have.


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                        Actually, I've noticed whoever does the description/translations/english overall in this game really needs to be replaced. I can't tell you one off the top of my head but I've seen many occasions where the information is off.

                        Actually, I DO remember one time. When you guys were selling the keys. You said "Use a fairy key to obtain a rare pet morph card", this description being under one key. Meanwhile you really need 30 not one. There's one example of how the english is off.


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                          Sometimes its not the translation problem. It could be lack of information in the first place the original version has.

                          For example of this dragon orbs title, original version just say exactly the same as the translated version we see (Just simply telling you that owning X orbs of lvX to gain title).
                          Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

                          Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?