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love letter event rewards

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  • love letter event rewards

    are the love letter event rewards released?

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    too bad customer support no one of mod replies either in private message or forum post damn


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      you will have to excuse us, we deal with a lot of pms and forum posts every day and it can mean there are times that we can not always give answers within a reasonable time frame....

      we are still trying to find some of the players to send them their participation rewards because the names are not written correctly in the forum event or have been changed....

      the winners of the event were sent their rewards a couple of hours ago.
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        is the participation reward has been sent ?
        or is that thing still under process ?
        because i still not get any reward for it

        Proof >>
        (i know its a bad poem >.<)

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          Originally posted by Kitwritten View Post

          the winners of the event were sent their rewards a couple of hours ago.
          Why not announce the winners and spare us the agony?
          Was fun while it lasted. On to bigger and better things.


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            due to merge event, my name changed from DragonLord to DragonBird


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              its been so many days and many got it, i have show my proof of post which i made it far before end of time for event. i still did not got it yet.i have been yelling all the response still.i want my participation rewards


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                Instead of yelling I suggest you calm down and just remind the mods of the situation in a nice manner. Being as specific as you can with username and server with every interaction. If you can find your post within the thread and link directly to that it might help solidify your participation.

                The mods are a busy team of people, they unfortunately can't be everywhere at once. They will try and resolve this as soon as they can.
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                  mr.nolascana its been month i been reporting this ,i personally messaged and posted the details of my game name and server name and even showed the proof in the link.instead of intruding in others post please read total post.have your manners.its none of your business if you are not mod.i asking mod since a month.



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                    we are trying to contact other players that have asked about the rewards as we need to submit a single list, not a name as a time and that is the hold up
                    Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

                    R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                    Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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                      here was my post on 02-13-2014 02:09 PM


                      -krishna1 : [S79] Glimmering Hollow (US West)


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                        Kit (may I say that, please?), I think if you all run a similar contest it would benefit everyone to have a winners' list posted. That's what we've all been looking for.

                        If we had a list with the wrong names added in and marked with an asterisk reading "User not found. Please email administrators with correct username and server information." anyone you couldn't find would have a chance to update their info without the legwork.

                        Admins could have posted a mini banner like for events when winners were released. Everyone who participated would have scooted over to look. We can all see who participated, anyway, by going back through 44 pages of entries. Names could have easily been plugged into Excel, arranged alphabetically and transplanted into the thread. Big winners could be featured on the top. Your rules were very clear for participation qualification so you could omit any who didn't follow and repeat the criteria in the header.

                        I know I'm nobody from nobody, but there it is. I could create more of my own details, but... lol... It's like leading a double life sometimes. lol

                        Maybe someone will look at this for next time.

                        P.S. I did receive my pack and thank you. I was just curious to see who won.


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                          lol ok......

                          its not that simple and straight forward.... it appears to be but that is because most of the work done behind the scenes is not known about or revealed to the players....

                          because the reward sending is logged by information that is not revealed to players, a winners list is done manually by the judges, sent to me and I use the participants list with the rewards written in.. and I post that.....

                          the list I use has a lot of work go into it that the players do not see.... such as the fact that I may have to manually check up to 50% of the players names by account and server to find the correct character name and spelling so the DP team can enter them into the data base and set the rewards to be sent.....

                          I may have a hours time TOPS with the DP team to do the event rewards so I have to make very sure that their job is as straight forward as possible....basically copy and paste, click, set rewards and send.... which means that any names not found in the database are going to end up back with me to recheck again..... and when players want to know where their prizes are, I have to wait for a DP team tech to have a few minutes spare to check the database...... then if the player is found, I have to request another person to send the rewards to the player......

                          what happened with the love letter event is that I was away with health issues so the system ground to a halt..... and there is no winners list available because the DP team finally randomly picked names and sent the prizes.... and because the winners are not logged as a seperate event sheet, there is no existing record of the winners.....

                          a simple copy and paste of the players from the database list will not work, as most of the information is in chinese and as there is information pertaining to players accounts, screenshots from the database are not allowed to be posted in the forums.....
                          Dragon Pals and Shadowbound Mod and Basic tech support

                          R2 Serrin, My partner and fiancee, RIP 1971-2015
                          Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.


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                            Well, I was going to say if you ever need help from a player... But I don't know Chinese! XD

                            The most important thing is your health has improved.

                            And thank you for the details. The behind the scenes stuff is so interesting to me. I always wanted to go back to school for computer programming and graphic arts.

                            Finally, I don't know what anyone else is talking about. You ALWAYS respond quickly as far as I'm concerned. Thank you for that, too.

                            Happy Spring Equinox!


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                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Andra.png
Views:	1
Size:	214.7 KB
ID:	1685172first hello i participated in the love letter event but never got a price xd ,my name is Andra server 112 frosty
                              summit guild malayonly btw i name is misleading i was in a different guild by that time
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