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Facebook Like Reward

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  • Facebook Like Reward

    I have not gotten the 60k facebook like reward yet. Right now 61k players has liked the facebook page so my question is when are we getting the reward?

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    yea,,,,no reward,,,,,,


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      where our reward GM,,,,,,,??????
      more 60k lols,,,,,,,,


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        #4 post should give you an answer to your question.


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          How in the world are they going to know what's a fake account from legit ones? They don't seriously go to the pages one by one just to check do they? :v

          Regan's only 15 minutes late.


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            Wow still no reward for 60k likes over 60k likes on facebook!!


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              SOOOOooooo angry right now..It seems that the monkey reward is just for show i guess and they dont really plan on giving it..legit likes? like u have ur own page to know its legit and not on FACEBOOK.. its on a public page and everyone can like it even an non player.. what a crazy answer..LEGIT LIKES...Damn could put a MEME on your page for that!


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                there isnt 60K reward on the List, it Pass from 50k to 100k Likes, Anyway (I talk for S79) we dont Recive Reward For 50k LIkes on that Server............ They made Event for Nothing this is some kind of joke...............


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                  The like us icon in-game has changed. If I remember correctly, the monkey reward last time is 200K likes and now its 100K likes.

                  Also, the like us icon has the reward for 60K likes - 200 return gc + platinum fancy development card.



                  Yeah, rewards been changed. So for the 50K likes I think most likely its been removed and changed to 60K & 100K likes reward.

                  Then~ where is the 60K rewards, maybe they are checking which likes are legit likes to them I guess. (Rewards has been sent. Just received the 60K like rewards)
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                  Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

                  Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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                    the rewards have been sent out, closing thread
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