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Inactive server = No bravery points :/

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  • Inactive server = No bravery points :/

    There are currently only 2 guilds that are actually active, the rest of them got eliminated for inactivity so now Guild Battle just doesn't happen, it skips it with a default victory when there is no opponent. Now this is hardly the fault of the players that the server is inactive, right? So who's fault is it? Thats right, thats you R2, no Devs to blame this time, you could have made less servers. We are waiting for merge but in the meantime we have to be deprived of bravery points? :/

    I don't think thats fair. Its really not. Do something about it.

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    Make an alt, create a guild with it. Repeat 5 more times. Get bravery points.


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      What about today's bravery points? And besides, we shouldn't have to do that.


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        On Tuesdays and Thursdays we go against inactive guilds, we only have a decent Guild Battle every saturday since there are 2 active guilds in my server.
        But even on Tuesday and Thursday we get bravery points..
        Was fun while it lasted. On to bigger and better things.


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          Yeah we had inactive guilds so far, but now they all got deleted due to prolonged inactivity and not paying the guild fee. So, now only 4 guilds remain, 1 is inactive and will probably dissapear soon as well, the other is a fake guild made by an alt. Its just wierd that this is what we have to do to keep the "battle" going...


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            That being said, we at S57 are hoping for a server merge soon... >.<
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              sorry to say this, is it really hard for R2 merge server which almost death because only have few players at that server? why your other game like wartune can do that but DP can not? everytime players give suggestion only forum moderator who answer but R2 only merge few server which is maybe in that server have real vet character or moderator of this forum. please think about us, we also care about this game that's why we spend our $ to this game.


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                server merges will be done as they are done......the DP team are aware of the players concerns......

                as for the constant snips at R2 games, the DP team and the staff, they are being noticed and a tightening of the rules may be in the near future if they do not stop....
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