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Recharge Benefits

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  • Recharge Benefits

    Just an idea, have you guys given any consideration to awarding the top players in recharge for each server at certain intervals? IE... Monthly, or quarterly?

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    Yeah as if those baddies needs to get more OP.


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      I am not sure how to answer this...... I can see what you are saying from the point of view that they pay the bills in a very nice way..... but I am not really sure what else they can be given that they do not already have and without creating a situation where they become so over powered that there is no competition in the game in the higher levels

      lets be honest.... most players can not scratch some of the top cashers in the top rewards in the arena and the top titles are not really something that the other players are going to see...and it can mean that things like CSC are not really a battle for the top spot but a battle to see who can stay in the csc the longest.....

      I personally have the attitude of outplay, outwit and outlast cos there is no way in hell I can out cash some players.... not that I am angry or envious, each player plays a different way and some players could cash in a way that would make a bank manager cry, but choose to work on their characters rather than cash their characters.... and I like to outlast the cashers... it just takes a while ( read that as months to years ) lol

      all that can be done, is the idea referred to the DP team, tho I do know in the past, that it has not been a popular idea because it can cost players in games like this... not so much because its favouritism for the casher vs the player that is loyal to the game, but basically because it makes it impossible for players to get a look in the door at the top of the game.....
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