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nymph enchant

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  • nymph enchant

    I thought I read in an update (as do others) that the reset for nymph enchant was being removed... a bit of a con when I used 192 nymph stones and not leveled to 7 stars, and yet it will now be reset still, thank god it was the nymph stones from event because I would be furious to have spent the gold on that many stones to find out the update saying that it was removing the reset was false.

    (server 62- kibuna highlands)

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    Where did you read it that the reset was removed?

    Reset will only be working if your nymph stars are below 12 stars.
    Yes! 1 year no recharge on R2 platform games. More days/months/years to go~

    Why bother to recharge when they show no efforts managing their games except their template events?


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      sorry, i have been away from tech for a few days and was not able to reply sooner. I thought i read it in one of the game updates, but looking back through the patch notes it may have been the bestow that i was reading about. We were discussing it in our guild and a few others thought they had read about the reset being removed as well, I have not had a chance to talk to those few again to see if they can remember when/where they read it, but I am thinking I myself may have misread/misremembered the bestow patch. I was nominated to ask in forum though so I will check with others and if they find the update they or I will post it up.


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        There was no removing of reset. I can tell you that as one who was reading through all patches. About nymph there was bestow of points - yes. And one thing about reset was added, it's about dragon essence the points will not reset on star once that star reach legendary quality.