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Unsilence Statler

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  • Unsilence Statler

    18 days ago I was rude with a vet and was told me being silenced would only last a few days to a week I would appreciate if you would let me chat again.
    (s116) forelorn wetlands
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    I miss you Statler!!! -snifflies- I hope you can be unsilenced soon!


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      I answered you, but until I get a response that you understand the circumstance under which your mute will be lifted, its staying in place
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        I will grab statlers attention and make sure he sees your reply, Kit. He is a guildie of mine and I feel bad that the situation got as it did. I hope that he can make it better! can they read/respond to private mail when they are silenced?
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          They can response to mail in game. But they can SEE your chat in guild they just can't participate.
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            ok thank you. He was having to answer me by "statler, if no then move left" lol. I wasn't sure about mail, I hadn't thought about that. So I will talk to him that way =D thank you


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              Hello I promise to be polite in chat from now on