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Suggested change to Treasure Hunt

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  • Suggested change to Treasure Hunt

    I love doing this event, however, the fun gets taken away by those few extremely powered "bad apples" that make life miserable for everyone. Currently, these higher levels have the ability to stay in there for the entire length of time and prevent other players from obtaining the full treasure reward. We have about 5 groups on my server that are guilty of this. Even though they do not acquire a reward after the 15th attempt, they will rack up 30+ victories, just because they can. I appreciate the higher level players helping others and fully support that. However, often times this is not the case. The change that I would like to see, I believe would balance this out and yet still allow the powerful players to help the not so powerful. I propose that everyone continues to get the current 15 attempts. Players can go into the event as many times as they want. However, once a player has achieved 15 "wins" they are locked out and can't go back in until server reset. This would give lower teams the ability to go for the full treasure reward with the help they want and keep those few bad apples from spoiling it. Those that choose to go it alone can, but only 15 times. This change levels the playing field for everyone so all can reap the most rewards fairly. I hope it will get consideration.

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    It's an okay idea but I think it would be better/safer if people were automatically kicked out upon 15 victories. Locking someone out of TH after they finish would be bad as they could be the last person a team needs and they can't help.

    Sometimes I'm guilty of going AFK for extended periods of time and getting up 20 to 30 wins, and I honestly think that the system kicking you at 15 is a much better option.

    Regan's only 15 minutes late.


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      tears up


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        AFK, then check 450 blue coins in your backpack. Sound delicious. No wonder this game only got a lot of player when opening new servers. Otherwise, its die. Nobody wanna play in old server because the mechanism of this event isnot fair enough for new player. Okay, keep up the money sucking event, i love playing in cemeteries server like oceanic below S100.


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          i approve of this idea because some people who tend to go over their limit of 15 attempts should be kicked out of TH after they've used up their attempts.i have noticed a lot of players on Dragon Pals 2 that some people tend to go far over their attempts when in TH as i feel this needs to be suggested to people that you're given a set limit of attempts on certain events such as Trivia Challenge Demon Invasion Treasure Hunt Devils Den which i feel that players who go over their attempts shouldn't be given a 2nd time to go into a event as they should wait til the new day to go into a event as i feel this should be shared with others who go over their attempts
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