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Anniversary Chest Items

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  • Anniversary Chest Items

    the anniversary items is nearly identical to the carnival chests with a few noticeable changes
    but still gonna compile the anniversary version list

    Saintly Powers
    999 Roses
    99 Roses
    1 Rose
    Lv3 Gem Chest
    Lv4 Gem Chest
    Perfect Wardrobe Essence(100 wardrobe exp)
    Elegant Wardrobe Essence(10 wardrobe exp)
    Goldshire Ticket
    Mayan Pool Ticket
    Merry-Go Around Ticket
    Legendary Exp Potion
    Ultimate Exp Potion
    Superior Exp Potion
    Potion Skill
    Platinum Development Card
    Diamond Development Card
    Gold Development Card
    Lv1 Contribution Point
    Dragon Soul Stone
    Life Source/Crystal <-- i've gotten mostly life source but i have gotten life crystal once
    Refining Stone
    Basic Fertilizer
    Lucky Coin
    Backpack Expansion
    Nymph Tear
    Pickup Runestone

    we don't really get that many happy valley tickets, wonder what we'll need to get more from travelor
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    You trade it with 1 of each of the 2 other tickets, so it's not really worth it unless you really want it
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      see they rarely give away enhance items for nymph n dragons :< the only thing u have to spend cash on