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The generous hero - compensation pack

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  • The generous hero - compensation pack

    I think this was something that a lot of people complained before and everyone its expecting this compensation pack, can we get a date for it? or if at least its planned to come out after all?

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    personal thought

    IF they were to compensate for the generous hero
    each server would be slightly different compensation pack because each server didn't spend the same amount of gold
    to do that they would have to check the logs of each server

    would take quite a bit amount of time before any compensation shows up


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      I think it was mentioned somewhere that it'll be a generic compensation pack. Something about it not being an option to check each server spend.

      Not sure if the one we got recently was for the generous hero bug or for the artifact event bug or for both.


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        the sun stones and other stones was for the artifact bug issue....... and yes most server wide compensation packs are generic packs because they go to all players....
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          If the one we got was for the bug we have, as always those compensation packs are a shame >_> thanks for nothing anyway, im glad i wasnt expecting something worth our loss.


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            Thanks Kit ! I know you did your best to contact the person who gave us the compensation pack and all But i'm quite agree with R241376209, this pack is pretty awfull for more than 5 days of bug of generous hero I guess we can't wait more than that from them...
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              screen shot of compensation pack for generous heroes on Oceanic [S14]
              Click image for larger version

Name:	Compensation pack.jpg
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                You can inform the devs for us that they have contributed to many stolen gold, essentially. Even if each server just lost 1 or 2 generous hero rewards, that compensation pack did not even begin to scratch the surface. They should have just given each server enough to satisfy all the gold that was recharged on a whole. Divvied it out on an average.


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                  I tell the devs what you have said and their reaction is going to be if the players think that compensation for something they never contributed to, is not good enuf, then the devs may rethink giving any compensation

                  compensation is not a right of the players nor a obligation of the devs, its a bonus and generous offer of good will towards the players and considering that the packs were not logged, there was no way to what servers missed out on what packs.
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                  Cha bhi fios aire math an tobair gus an trÃ*igh e.