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just emoing >_>

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  • just emoing >_>

    once u do wrong, forever will be wrong, no matter how much u did to recover, it will never be
    starting hot event counting mvp and returned gold,
    after a period it count only one of them,
    and now..................

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    And now she's gone, even tho I held her tight,
    I lost my love, my life, that niiight~

    By the way, Good Charlotte called. They want their emo back.
    Permanently retired from all R2Games.


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      and so are the players at the mercy of the devs..... humble is he that accepts what can not be changed, rather then he who fights over what he can not....
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        after change, non-cash player have no chance to participant anymore, is that good?

        and, it make cash player feel they benefit is damaged, the worst business strategies even, there is alot of way to make more profit without harming player benefit

        this just make lesser player what, well new to the game may not know it is like that.......
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          Want some cheese with your whine?

          I have a level 59 mage with 188k BR. And believe it or not, I spend the grand total of $15.00 on her. There are ways to play and build a nice toon with little or no money involved. It takes me longer, but I get everything I want/need without spending my monthly payscheck.

          Crying won't change anything, work with what you have and learn patience.


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            3 188k br cant even do 80 nm.......


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              He/she is level 59. I assume that the BR went up quite a bit by the time level 80 comes in sight.

              Your arguement is invalid.
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                Originally posted by TheLastDragonLord View Post
                3 188k br cant even do 80 nm.......
                188k means you're still on the 1st crown type, need at least 2nd crown type(2 of the them) to budge lvl 80+ mpds


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                  o.o 188k BR is 4 crowns, not 1. The first crown is when you hit 100k br

                  Edit: My bad, you meant the crown, the queen crown, and then the tiara I think
                  With that, I would have to agree lol


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                    Originally posted by megadragonmaster View Post
                    o.o 188k BR is 4 crowns, not 1. The first crown is when you hit 100k br
                    1st crown "type"Click image for larger version

Name:	1stcrown.png
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Size:	1.4 KB
ID:	1688218
                    you need 2nd crown "type"Click image for larger version

Name:	2ndcrown.png
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Size:	2.3 KB
ID:	1688219
                    then there is the 3rd crown type that we won't get anytime soonClick image for larger version

Name:	3rdcrown.png
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Size:	2.3 KB
ID:	1688220
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                      u need at least 2 320k and 1 minimun 200k to do 80nm


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                        for gods sake pls dont post unwanted stuff in the main event forumn or cry abt things and get the forumn closed.....pls...........................( not pointing anyone at particular )


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                          Originally posted by Yuyana View Post
                          1st crown "type"[ATTACH=CONFIG]87726[/ATTACH]
                          you need 2nd crown "type"[ATTACH=CONFIG]87727[/ATTACH]
                          then there is the 3rd crown type that we won't get anytime soon[ATTACH=CONFIG]87728[/ATTACH]
                          lets add the 4th one to the list too Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_30.png
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Size:	2.3 KB
ID:	1688243
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