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I was wondering how about how many NYMPHS HOLY STONES

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  • I was wondering how about how many NYMPHS HOLY STONES

    Did you need to level your NYMPH up to level eight. There are not many people on my server who has an level eight nymphs. Seeing that I dont want to waste
    so much money with out getting something in return. please tell me before for I Can make sure I have enough.

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    lvl 1>2 - 1~20 Holy stones
    lvl 2>3 - 15~30 Holy stones
    lvl 3>4 - 40~80 Holy stones
    lvl 4>5 - 100~150 Holy stones
    lvl 5>6 - 150~220 Holy stones
    lvl 6>7 - 250~350 Holy stones
    lvl 7>8 - 500~800 Holy stones
    lvl 8>9 - 700 ~1100 Holy Stones
    lvl 9>10 -900~1300 Holy Stones
    lvl 10>11 - 1300~2000 Holy Stones
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