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When they stop making new servers?!!!

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  • When they stop making new servers?!!!

    why they always make new server and forget to make nice NON pay and pay events..... dont freaking think only about money and more about all the NON cashers to .... every old server is dying because every 1 leaves the server becasue they have to fight vs payer!!
    im a low payer and its im still getting borred to play this game and much more players from my server . and that even after merg! i talk about the merg from server 17(and the others merged servers)
    now we finaly have new event but you only can do it when you pay like hell ... non cashers will never can get it or kill it!

    stop making new server!! en make the (OLD) servers beter so more people stay and mebay starts to pay !!!

    grtzzz Mafklapper [s17] Icewall

    p.s i know , you guys dont listen to us but i have to post it!!!!.....

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    new servers will be complaining about CSC and ask for more servers... They make more servers for more people to join in... Also, I thought S17 has enough people to have as R2Games merged with them... R2Games did do stuff for non cashers such as.. April Fools gifts where you get lucky gems and stuff.. People really enjoyed it.. even the non cashers and for Easter, people gets Dreamy Wings which is rare thing to get and almost everyone has Dreamy Wings.

    Wanna be surprised? My friend has 100k br with no 1$ wings and he doesnt cash anything and plays everyday and he is in top 50.
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      you only can name 2 free events?? and i have almost 230k br so what? i mean to say they need to focus on the players they have to .. not only new server you dont get new players with new servers.. only players from others servers go there ....
      and much players gets borred of this game because there is not much todo at low lvl and you have to wait much as non payer i know it because i play with non payer char to ... my 228k br char is pay char but i see you play from september 2013.. i play much longer and really getting borred of this game sometimes . of you really want to do much in game you have to cash , if you dont want it you have to wait much en cant do much as payers ... and i know payers must have more things becasue they pay but they only think about the paying chars to make it fun not the non paying chars ..


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        the new servers do not affect the updates and events that go in, they are done by seperate teams.... updates, events and other features take time to create, test and put in the game and we have a lot of players to try and keep happy,... recently the level 60 + and level 80s had events for them ... specially the level 80s as they have waited a long time for their level 80 gear.....

        the issue with pushing events out too fast to keep players happy, is that we are running into issues and bugs and we have unhappy players because of it...
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