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Event vs Extra Value Pack

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  • Event vs Extra Value Pack

    I was taking part in Destroy the Nightmare event and won 4-star Power Ring.
    I thinking about buying Extra Value Pack 5-star ring.

    Is it possible to get also Power ring from EVP . It would be a waste having 2 same rings.
    Thx for answering.

  • #2
    event pack, its random ring so its 1 out of 8 that you can get power
    the extra value isn't random
    according to the extra value descriptions its either lust or power but i'm not sure


    • #3
      Extra value pack should be a power ring. Seen two people on my server so far with a 5 star power ring.


      • #4
        It should be a Power or Lust since it's the only rings which give mdef, pdef and HP. But i didn't seen any Lust ring from that chest, so can't confirm that it contains it.


        • #5
          Thank you for answers guys,

          since i already got 4-star Power ring i will not risk buying ExtraValueGift to get another Power (faaaar too pricey, and im not will ing to lose money)
          I wish it was a ring of my choice, though.