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Question about VIP package

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  • Question about VIP package

    I am VIP through the 7.99 dollar VIP.

    My question is, What is the difference of monthly VIP to the VIP package that you can bought from shop? like 1 month,3month to 12 months package? is it different to the VIP that can be purchase for 7 dollars?

    and what if my VIP expires? what wiull happen if I am VIP 4 or 5 then it expires it go back to to 1 or none? Thank you!

  • #2
    your vip level stays as it was just not activated till you buy vip again as to the 7 dollars verses the ones you buy with gold they are the same either way


    • #3
      Then if I am VIP 5 then my VIP expires, all the benefits of being a VIP will be lost right?


      • #4
        yes until you pay for it again then all of your benefits and vip level go back as they were


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          the shop vip packages that are 6 and 12 month packs, have bonus vip growth points.... and they work out cheaper in the long run....

          7.99 sub works out to 9500 gold, a 12 month pack in the shop is about 1/3 cheaper and as 500 vip growth points
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            Any idea when there will be a sale on the vip in the shop?


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              Buying VIP from shop is actually cheaper in 1-month increments if you don't care about the VIP points.
              1 month VIP Price 639
              6 months of 1 month VIP = 639x6 = 3834
              6 month VIP price = 3835
              12 months of 1 month VIP = 639x12 =7668
              12 month VIP price = 7670

              A couple gold is not a big deal but at least you don't have to commit to more than you want to, there is no discount for buying in bulk (as long as you don't care about the vip point bonus)

              You can also use 1 month vips without waiting and it will simply add to your total time. 5 days left.. + 30 means you will have 35 days.