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Multiple Devil's Cage Queues?

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  • Multiple Devil's Cage Queues?

    I am asking about multiple queues for devil's cage match. I am not talking about the different level queues for devil's cage match either (30-39, 40-49, 50-59 ect). I mean that within the level queues there might be multiple queues for people on the same server. Let me go into the back story for this.

    Some background information first.
    Ign is Eoncho, and I am a level 59 player on the US east server 125 Silent Reef.

    Awhile ago, around a month now, Treasure Hunt, Devil's Cage Match, and Legendary Challenges were limited to our server. Then we had an update where all of this became cross server. Some people in our server, specifically the strongest and second strongest person weren't particularly pleased with that. I on the other hand, the third strongest person on server 125 was overall pleased with it. Truth be told I was quite bored with always clearing LC easily. I didn't like it initially, but I was more in favor of it then against. Though unlike the others I had all my legendary equipment that required coins and I had the maximum medal I could get (and unlike the other two I was leveling slowly for whenever CSC came so I was mostly not affected by this). Its only been recently that I managed to clear leg challenges a couple times (but thats what made it fun). I for one want to thank the devs for the change. In DCM before the third and fourth strongest people for our DCM would never have gotten more then 300 coins just because there would be like 10 people total (only like 8 people or so in the 50-59 queue). Now these people can get that many, and I for one don't have to hit them at all (I actually avoid them). Its so nice to see them get so many coins. But enough of that, lets get back to the topic at hand.

    Now for some information about the DCM situation. A couple days ago someone, they go by anbu, in our guild leveled from 49 to 55. Yesterday was the first DCM they attended. Typically now a days I only go to around half of the DCMs. I don't particularly need the coins I already have all the blue/yellow crystals I need to get all my equip to legendary for whenever I level. Its still nice to stockpile them. Typically during DCM I'll casually hit people, sometimes hitting the other strong people in DCM not in our server to see how the strength is changing (I hit my server plenty in arena so I know where they stand). I did that during the last CSC so I could accurately gauge their strength in order to position my teammates better in CSC. Hitting someone tells far more then crown level or BR ever does imo. There is also another reason I attend cage. Two people from other servers had been targetting two members from our guild in particular (its been like this ever since DCM became cross server). So whenever they dare to hit one of them I'll kill them in order to protect my guildmates. If they didn't do this I probably would rarely attack them. I really don't like it when people seem to be targetting specific people in our guild over and over and over. I'm more then happy to protect my guildmates from that. I would want the same thing if I was in their position. There's plenty of other people in cage for them to hit, so killing the same few people is generally avoidable unless its on purpose (I could see small stretches, but this has been a constant thing), and to me thats just mean.

    Now my desire to protect my guildies has an important role in the discovery of this seperate queue. This Anbu person who leveled is around middle strength in the 50-59 queue, meaning they could be easy prey for someone to hunt them. In the middle of cage they complained that someone was targetting them. The person they named wasn't one of the two I mentioned earlier. I also couldn't find the person they named at all. On further inspection I could not find Anbu either, nor could they find me. Then Anbu proceded to tell me that the person with the most coins was a person named HeaStrike. But at that time I was cage master so the only way that should be the case is if they were not in the same queue as me. No one on our server had ever noticed this until now (almost all of us are in the same queue in the 50-59 range). I was under the impression that all the people from a given server would be in the same level queue (30-39, 40-49, 50-59 ect). Are these seperate queues within the level range supposed to be intentional or not? Or is this because there is too many people in the 50-59 range for one queue? I'm also curious what determines which one you are put into.

    I guess thats about it. I really wanted to protect Anbu.

    Edit: Took out Tribal Clash, Changed it to what I meant for clarity.
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    Well, in my opinion, it's normal to target someone in DCM, especially if the target is weak. Each of us wants to get as much consecutive wins as we can get to get more coins. And hitting a strong player would make our consecutive wins ends early. That why they often hunting for a specific person. If your guild mates is a weak character, then it's normal to be targeted. DCM is an all out battle. It's first come first serve. We often don't get enough 'meat' because there's too many hunter joining. So, the mid strength players often have to become meat as well. It's not because that player hates your guild mates or something, but it's because they saw your guild mates as a 'meat' they can take to fatten them self. It's up to you if you wish to protect your guild mates, but in the end, as long as your guild mates is weak, there would still lots of hunters that's gonna hunt them. The only way out for your guild mates is, to become stronger as fast as they can. And you can help them as their guild mates, by helping them in TH, MPD, and other things as well.
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      simple answer, yes there is more than one room for each level of the DCM......

      also tribal clash is not active in the game, the cross server for TH, DCM and other areas is normal.....the tribal clash will be using a different model of cross server
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