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Confess """LIMIT"""

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  • Confess """LIMIT"""

    I'am lvl69 40000 limit of love can have???
    why how are we gonna unlock Solie Nymph 50000 Love lvl72
    200 free love a day means i got to wait 100 days to unlock a nymph after i get lvl72???
    it already unbalenced by nymph Arya/Krishna 20000 love to unlock them 2000 love unlock Illlustria
    now ya go put limits on how much love we can get??????????????????????????

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    thast 30000 love more to unlock th free nymph 50000 love and ya can't lvl sit to get the Love ya gotta be lvl 72
    to unlock that nymph i'am not lvl72 so if i'am lvl 72 will love be """LIMIT""" 44000 Love at lvl 72 means i will be lvl 80 before i unlock last Nymph with LOVE
    so why say Lvl72 to unlock and ya can't get to LOVE to unlock it till lvl80????

    please i have more ??? about this i need Moderater responce

    the other ? is ok i'am lvl69 it takes 1 week or more to get lvl70 thats 7 days without gaining love or 1,400 love i could gain before i turn lvl 70
    another ??? at lvl 71 what the limit of Love we can have???
    and of corse lvl 72 limit of LOVE is ????? what

    or is it realy just to make us lvl up
    above lvl70

    please tell me it's not bases on VIP lvl to get Love so would have to VIP lvl6 to get Love to 50000???

    what is Love Limited for most players get 25000 love unlock Rowan and thats it 25000 more love to Unlock Solie???
    wile if ya buy Nymph ya only need 20000 love maxed to unlock Arya/Krishna

    PLEASE kitwitten or any MOD look at my post i need answer or ya just gonna kick me from Forums again????
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      how many times are you going to need to be told to STOP spam posting..... 8 posts in a row, in 20 minutes ? and please do not say its because you are posting your thoughts as the reason for it, as there is a edit post button.....

      I will answer your questions.....

      1) its less than 100 days, using the free confession, you can gain 600 love every 2 days
      2) love is level limited, the exact details I have not bothered to work out
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        ok i got answer i was looking for once i get lvl 70 if i'am correct the limit increases to 50,000 LOVE.
        thats 10 free confess 20 per confess 200 a day 100 days after lvl 70 to unlock her.
        seems so fair lvl 55 nymph 2000 love lvl 55 unlock Ilustria Nymph...
        she is = Illustria/Solie = same stats but ya can have lvl 55 spend 100 on Confess with gold unlock Illustria in 1 min.
        wait 100 days after LVL70 to unlock Solie who is only nymph who can attack 2 times that is free
        Demetria lvl68 18,000 love to unlock her and she stronger than Illustria. than from what ive herd so far Krishna/Arya are same till lvl18* both same lvl72 20000 love to unlock but ya can by Krishna ya gotta wait for events to get Arya only after 18 star enchantmebt does the 3rd attack unlock for Arya ami even colse on this????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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          ty Kitwitten iwas writting that last post before ya answer me


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            lets see:
            Riona requires: 1500 love
            Ellwen requires: 3800 love (double of Riona)
            Celestia requires: 13000 love (triple of Ellwen)
            Rowan requires: 25000 love (almost double of Celestia)

            soooo Soleil requires: 50000 love

            the cost is mostly just doubling i don't see any problems with that


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              The cost is good enough as it is. Soleil can attack like illustria and khrisna, which is, able to attack 1 person 2 times, compared to rowan. So, no wonder it requires so much love. As for illustria, dementria, khrisna, and arya, what do you expect man? Those nymphs are premium nymphs. You need golds, a lot of them, to get those nymphs. So, of course they would have a clear advantage over other nymphs that you can get for free.