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Independence Day Chests

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  • Independence Day Chests

    4th compiled list of items we're able to get from chests

    World Cup Outfit Shards
    World Cup Wing Shards
    Stan the Nutcracker Shards
    Dickson the Nutcracker Shards
    Challenge Tickets
    Golden Soccer Shoe <-- more 100% chance of 3rd goal
    Backup Balls
    Lvl 3 Gem Chest
    Lvl 5 Gem Chest
    Life Crystal
    Life Source
    Nymph Feather
    Nymph Tear <-- do we really need these anymore?
    Mystery Bronze Key(Wings) <-- yay more puri essences
    Mystery Fairy Key(Pets) <-- yay more pet skins
    Jade Dragon Essence
    Luna Dragon Essence <-- yay more dragon essence
    Saintly Power Chest <-- loving the transforming system
    Golden Feather x 100
    Lvl 4 Purification Essence

    anyone else want to add to it?
    Note: We sure get a lot from Demon Tower
    Note2: After opening 200 chests, i don't think there is any Paul the Octopus Shards
    Note3: There is lvl 3 gem chest and lvl 5 gem chest but no lvl 4 gem chest??
    Note4: 3 days of independence day chests, already 58 fairy keys
    Note5: It is fairly easy to get enough shards for wings, outfit, and both pets if you do both full demon tower runs a day
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