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Dragon hoard

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  • Dragon hoard

    Ok from what i have heard the reason dragon hoard was removed was some problem or such but i got to run it twice and aside from the boss drops being almost nothing i seen no other problems with it and for it to take this long to fix and with no end in site i would like to ask just what was wrong that its taken so long to fix i mean every thing ran correctly the bosses did not drop what would be considered a "boss" drop or any drop since the drom normaly consisted of a single item witch 9 out of 10 time was more or les a eq exp orb fro the item orbs you got from the other monsters but like my self many othere would like it to be reinstated as soon as possable and i know that the support team has there hands full but reall how hard could it be to fix suc a simple problem as drops? And im sure this is the only problem we experinced dering game play since i was one of the few that did et to run it you have had over a month and a half and havent even said a word on weather your adressing it or not we would like to know it we can expect any news on this topic soon and or it to bo up and running some time in the near future .we thank you for all your hard work bringing us all that you have and are very great full but you did kinda just teas us with the hoard ans simply went silent about it so a date of when it will be avalable or at least estamted date woud be go apreshiated than you very much you dragon pal pals.

    Ps. Is there any way thet there could be a talk abut aplying a system to market were sellers could deside weather they want to sell certon items for gold or amethyst since it is after all the realms currancy this would not have to apply to all items but armors and the like or others

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    The devs are the one that pulled the plug on the dragons hoard, not DP support.... and thats the only information available for players

    as for the market, the answer is no, it will not be changed to that format
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