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So looks like mod closed the new activity thread..

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  • So looks like mod closed the new activity thread..

    Complaint is a complaint. As a paying customers, it does not matter how R2 states and its rules that should be followed, always need to listen to customers if it isn't anything illogical. On the event, it shows that the soccer event was until 7/7 23:59. even though the team didn't mean it, not everyone checks the forum and the game's EULA does not state the users to check the forum as our duty. And the funny thing is, the extra value kit of soccer tickets and balls are still on sale.

    So maybe we can still exchange for tomorrow's event or maybe we can still use the flags, balls, and tickets we still have. If not, there must be a in game warning states that "DO NOT BUY THIS KIT SINCE IT WILL BE USELESS. BUY IT ON YOUR OWN RISK". If we have no way to use those kits and it is still on sale, it is called Fraud.

    And the forum rules states that any accusation of the company of such act should be considered unacceptable acts and will be banned but... we users are complaining according to the fact. The fact is that the kit is still on sale, but no soccer event is going on and tomorrow will be something new as we understood from new activity post.

    So if it isn't much of a hassle, I think it is developer's job to remove our worries and consideration rather than just "I didn't state on the forum it ends at 23:59."

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    it was closed before people went even more mad about the issue I think. im a little bummed out myself it ended the way it did and im on an us east server which means we will never chests like other servers do. yes we do have the right to complain, but pure ranting isn't gonna chnge anything, plus the mods cnt really do nything yet before they get a hold of the devs


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      the forum rules do not say that players can not abuse R2 or the staff, they state that accusations, defamatory statements, abuse etc is not acceptable... and I take that to mean that nobody is allowed to post such statements about anybody.

      now I am having the issue checked into so I can get a official response from the Devs..... that can take a while, so in the meantime I am using forum issue management to limit the issues that would need to be dealt with. while it may be easier just to let the players go until banning them from the forums is needed, it is still going to take me quite a while to clean up the mess..... so locking the threads is faster, simpler and easier while I wait for a answer so the players can be advised on what is going to happen.
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