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The Solution? Close the topic

This topic is closed.
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  • The Solution? Close the topic

    So, now, the best thing to do to is to close a topic couz we cant complain? Really?
    Thats our right. Specially when the devs made a mistake that huge. We arent wrong about this event. Everyone cant be wrong...or do u forget who do the financial thing here? We are spending our money here, so we demand a minimum of respect.

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    Im as mad as you mate.

    but assumin every mad player starts new thread about this faux pas we will have thousands of threads about same thing that do not provide anything. There're one or two threads where we share opinions and that is good.

    What is more we already got info that Kit is waiting for Devs answer.
    Last edited by Edygiusz; 07-07-2014, 12:24 PM.


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      ty. what i saw was a bunch of closed topics. Where is that info?


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        this is the thread ive been following and in here it does say kit is waiting for more info...
        i myself am keeping an eye on this one for my entire guild