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lv 85 mp and lv 80 gear

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  • lv 85 mp and lv 80 gear

    why is not lv 85 mp nightmare drop lv 80 tessract stone? i mean after releasing lv 80 wich need lv 80 stones theyb should also drop in a mp. Whats point of high lv måpn if stuff for high lv gear dont drop that or will it be so we have too buy stones for lv 80 gear?
    Also if ya make new mp for like lv 90 then so few too join mp it still be a problem.
    I really hope this is a mistake and that lv 85 mp is supposed too drop lv 80 stones. Hope some has some thoughts on this and if u mods can take tis issue up with the devs

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    The answer is the same there is no plans for now to change drops of any MP or to add new MP.


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      thats boring, well guess no lv 80 gear mystic for long then, when i think of it i want lv 100 gear