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  • Maintenance

    I won't express or discuss my feelings about unannounced maintenance or recent events but I am honestly curios how people are surprised by the maintenance? It happens at the same time and a predictable day. I know the recent maintenance wasn't announced on the forums until 15 minutes before it happened but I saw it coming days in advance. If they are true to form the next maintenance will be on 7/21.

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    To be clear this is not a thread about when or how maintenance should be announced. I am starting this thread because I am curious how people are surprised by the maintenance.


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      Well nothing is really confirmed when it comes to dp.

      Usually, there is a notice of about 1 to 2 hours before maintenance happens but this time, apparently, it was just 15 mins.

      I was anticipating the maintenance as well but thought something had changed when no announcement came out.


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        Same for me. It is nice to have confirmation.


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          Well, they did announce the maintenance in game, about 15 minutes before it happens. It's just that the announcement not really visible, since it was announce in the chat box at the red color.