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Level 100 EXP

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  • Level 100 EXP

    Can anyone tell me definitively, do I still earn experience (exp) after I level to level 100 (since it is currently the max level)?

    Thank you,
    Letonius - S30

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    Yes you do, seeing that you can still lvl up holy seal on that lvl. Probably capped at 1000%


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      You know this for certain because you're level 100 or have had someone who is level 100 tell you? Or you just think it should be true because of holy seal. Because I agree, it wouldn't make sense to stop accumulating exp at the max level. But, to be honest, there are other parts of this game that don't fully make sense to me. Thanks.


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        Yes, at level 100 you still gain experience.... I use a level 100 account for testing
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          lvling up to 100 sure takes a while at 120m exp a day (full hero tower + 6 lvl 85-90 NM MPD runs with super exp)


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            Originally posted by Kitwritten View Post
            Yes, at level 100 you still gain experience.... I use a level 100 account for testing
            Thanks Kit, I really appreciate it. I found someone in my guild who could answer, but it's great that you did too. Already level 100, and have maxed the Saintly Power.

            But I do want to say thank you, Kit. I know a bunch of people give you a bad time for closing threads and actually moderating the forums, but some of us really do appreciate it. Keep up the good work!