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Cross Server TH ?

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  • Cross Server TH ?

    Did this feature get disabled. I have gone through TH and only fought teams from my own server. Just wondering cause it was nice to get to fight other people. I am on s119 ( Blustery Ridge )
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    The apparent answer to that was buried inside the Server Maintenance 7/21 thread. I noticed the same thing myself so I went looking for a possible answer earlier.
    Originally posted by R262670049 View Post
    is TH back to just being your won server? that sucks now we are all friends we have to beat each other up again
    Originally posted by Alkaris View Post
    There is an issue with for merged servers, it's reported, but fix still wasnt found.
    My dragon is named Shimmy

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      Thank you Eoncho


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        Server 116 still has the same issue as well. We are a mergered server and still do not have cross server th or cage.


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          well we haven't been merged yet though. s119 is on the list of getting merged and cm is still crosserver its just th that is not crosserver anymore