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Is the price of nightmare abyss pack normal?

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  • Is the price of nightmare abyss pack normal?

    Correct me but.. I thought the first 4 attempt purchases are 5 gold each and from then, next 4 I think is 10 gold. After that is 15 gold.

    So.. In order for us to get to the point where one purchases costs 140 gold, wouldnt we already get all the rewards from the nightmare abyss event?

    I looked at extra value pack to see what is up today and I was laughing sooooo hard to see it costs 240 gold for 1 attempt + 100 returned gold. Which means.. one attempt cost 140 gold. wow...

    Click image for larger version

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    You forget that dream breaker cards can be used when you have bought all gold attempt, that is the reason for their price.


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      Originally posted by Alkaris View Post
      You forget that dream breaker cards can be used when you have bought all gold attempt, that is the reason for their price.
      so there is a limit of purchasing. ok I get it now. Thanks


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        that costs too much just save dream breaker then use it the next abyss event.


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          A vip can buy at most 30 attempts daily. So, should they bought it all, there's no other way to get more attempt other than buying dream breaker card, which is so expensive. The similar thing happens with lucky charms, which you can only bought 999 at shop. More than that, you need to buy it from EVG, which costs much more expensive than the one sold in shop.


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            Extra value pack nightmare abyss

            i think the person who is doing these extra value packs needs to have a look at what they are actually offering the players

            1 nightmare abyss attempt and 100 returned gold and 1 nightmare abyss card for 240 normal gold

            this is not exactly value pack deals when we can buy a attempt for 5 gold from the nightmare abyss room. who in the right mind would buy attempts for 240 normal gold ? to get 100 returned gold back


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              Those, who want 400 wins reward from event. Attempts,that you can buy with gold are limited by VIP level.


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                vip 7 can buy 70 purchases per day and the max one costs is 50

                so even vip6 with there 60 goes per day can still hit 57.6 per day

                The football event these ring were so cheap 100$ got me 6 4* n 2 5* among other goodies

                this EVG has to be one of the worst, every one who can cash should have 4* rings already!
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                  Simple, prices are high because the players who wanted to get ahead actually buys them. If nobody purchases them, then prices might go down.
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