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DP Guild Battle???

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  • DP Guild Battle???

    Tuesday 07/29/14 my guild signed in to go to Guild Battle only to discover that there was not a Guild to battle. We were wondering why since there are a bunch of other guilds available. Please review and advise.

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    [S120] Misty Cascades (US West) Mellee

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    those guilds that do not pay for the weekly guild fee do not get to participate
    Kongregate Server 1

    Remilia Scarlet


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      ya know them people that have quit and given u guy there details!

      Take/bring them so holy land to get vouchers so when you do a vouch DI u can get a lot of ame from them and then leave main guild and donate the ame to the smaller guilds to beable to have a fight!


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        I think the GM of other guilds have enough to do without having to bother and to deal with now-become-ghost-guilds ... It's DP's responsibility, in my humble opinion, to make sure that their requirements/limitations fits every situations. Why not give the guild without affected opponents the maximum guild points per member. They shouldn't have to pay the price, because them, they are active and play!!