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Arya - Event nymph

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  • Arya - Event nymph

    We were once told that Arya is an event nymph that is not sold in the shop. But I am only seeing Arya in EVG packs (which cannot be bought using rgc), and in Lucky Wheel.

    I was just wondering if Arya can be added to event shops like Lucky Bazaar, or any other event shop. Maybe just to give more justification why this Nymph is called "Ëvent Nymph".
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    Technically, lucky wheel is an event as well, since it's only appear every a few weeks. And just like soccer fever, lucky wheel event emphasize deeply on gold consuming, meaning that you need to use gold to do it, or simply waiting for free lucky charms from online bonus.

    But yeah, i would like to see her show up in some other events as well, since trying to get her from lucky wheel event is extremely hard, and too gold consuming. It's still better to buy her from EVG, rather than the lucky charms.
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      The definition of 'event' is somewhat different in this game when compared to other games.

      For most games, an event is usually a temporary activity that allows you to get stuff.

      Replace the 'temporary activity' with 'opportunity to spend money' and you get the dp definition of most events.

      Essentially, anything that is event limited just means that you can't buy it all the time.


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        And the EVG is classified as part of an event, they post it on their event pages
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