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  • CSC application

    I am in a big dilemma. My teammates for CSC were counting on me to sign in into CSC today. Since I could not log and afterwards couldnt sign in, as the CSC screen wouldnt load because of the proxy, they now too have got no compensation and nothing. They couldnt join and didnt kick me, of course now i feel miserable! I am not asking you if I could sign in, but would it be possible to kick me and sign my friends in alone? I think its unfair they need to suffer for my inability to use an (for me ) illegal proxy.

    I would be glad to receive an answer from you!


    Iloni S63 Vinoriath, Teammate of DEMONIA and Tint

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	nosignup.png
Views:	2
Size:	435.3 KB
ID:	1692821 This was as soon as it did load, which of course was after the deadline. Please if someone is willing to help, i would be glad!


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      For your CSC Team, you are :
      - 1 Leader
      - 2 Follower

      in your Screen We look Leader in Middle / Follower PREPARRE in Right side / Follower NO PREPARRE in Left side

      YOU CAN'T Sign Up As Time As the TWO Followers are PREPARRE ....

      When the 2 Followers are Clic on PREPARRE , at this Moment , YOU ( the Lead ) Can clic on Sign Up

      And that All Time , before the Dead Line Hour the Tuesday ( BEFORE 19h00 pm Server Time with Summer Hour )
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      Server: Kragston (S45)
      Country: Europe (S4 After Merge)


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        erm... from what i can see... sign up is over... so of course you cant prepare to sign up...

        So basically your team missed the CSC and there is nothing you can do about it.. happens quite a lot of times.. be it leader forgot to sign up or members not preparing..

        there is 1 and a half days to sign up so as a member your best bet is to prepare as soon as you can or just ask them to remove you if you cant log in for any reason..
        Kongregate Server 1

        Remilia Scarlet


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          Yep, i don't think it's your fault. You can't sign up because there's one of your team member that didn't click 'prepare to sign up' button. You need both of your team member to prepare, or you won't be able to sign up.


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            And thats how i know you didnt read what I wrote. I DID say the screenshot was from AFTER signup closed. The screen wouldnt load BEFORE it closed. After I managed to log in, with the Proxy Server, I could not click anything for 25 Minutes and then it slowly loaded! I am the one not prepare for sign up!

            Anyway thank you for telling me what I already knew, but yes that was actually my fault!