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Updatiing Guild shop and Bravery shop?

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  • Updatiing Guild shop and Bravery shop?

    I was wondering if they could update the guild shops and bravery shop, because I have about 119,000 contribution that sitting in guild. I maxed out the Tech, I have the guild pet and I get the nymphs feathers in there daily. There isn't much else to get in the guild shop.

    So I was wondering is you could update the guild shop and/ or bravery shop with like nymph holy stone, blessing for the rune stones that you get in CSC, magic Luna or sun stone, resonance soul stone,or even Luna dragon essence. All if these item I suggested would be awesome to get in a guild shop or bravery shop. Even if, it's like you can only get 3 a day like the lucky coins or even 10 a day like the nymph feather. It will still keep me busy on the game.

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    Would be nice to have wider variety of goods to buy. Im FOR.


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      Well, with pet potential availiable pet shards in both shops have become actual to buy.

      Though i will forward your feedback, but as far as i know devs want to make a big guild update someday and dont want to change anything in guilds until that update is ready.