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Two Suggestions regarding Calamity War and Farm Servants

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  • Two Suggestions regarding Calamity War and Farm Servants

    To begin with, I play Dragon Pals quite regularly, and it has been exactly 25 days since I started playing after dropping it for almost a year due to Academic Pressure. Despite some saying its Pay2Win, I loved it (even without paying). I have somehow levelled up my Character to lvl50, which might not be an accomplishment for some, but is one for me.

    However, When I began doing Calamity War, my first battle took AGES to complete. I literally stared at the screen for the first 10mins hoping the battle would end (and those monsters still seemed to have full HP, the attacks did 0DMG, and I prayed that whether these monsters die or my Char dies, JUST END THIS), and annoyed, went to bath for the next 15mins. Then after coming out of my bath, the first thing I saw was the Dungeon Lobby. That's how my first battle went: as an ABSOLUTE ANNOYANCE. My second Calamity War battle went the same way. And the Third. And the fourth. And the fifth. And all the subsequent ones to this date.

    You see, I had mentioned that I'm a non-casher, which is not by choice. I have a family crisis, and we don't have an income source at present, due to which I cannot afford to pay. So, finding no solution, I decided to turn to the Forums, hoping that my suggestion would be heard.

    I wouldn't be asking for something unnecessary, like asking to make me VIP2 or something, I know this is not what you're allowed to do. All I ask is make the "End Now" option in Battles of Calamity War available for all rather than just for VIP2 and above. Maybe a timer could be added for those lower than VIP2, like in the Devil Cage Matches? Or maybe end the battle automatically after a while for all? That's up to you, but I implore you to do something about this. Please.

    Also, I have another suggestion about Farm Servants. I have noticed a few times that certain people, after becoming Servants, just either go offline or don't farm anything until their time is up. My suggestion is that rather being based on time, it could be based on Number of Harvests. What I mean is that a Farm Servant can be released not after a certain amount of time, but rather after Harvesting a certain number of times (I would prefer if Stealing Crops wouldn't count, however Harvesting Stolen Crops without Harvesting Cards would). Maybe the "Number of Harvests" required would be dependent on their Farm Level or the Amount of Farm Slots available so that the function isn't too hard for newer players?

    I hope my suggestions are at least considered. I hope I did it right. Thank you for taking your time to read my post.

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    Calamity War has no way to be finalized before the entire battle even for vips above 2. can be vip 10 and even then the fight runs normal time like at all. But I agree that I might have the option to finalize myself.


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      About the farm part I totally agree with you. Of course people would plant 1h crops to be free faster but at least it would be an income for the landlords.
      Regarding the calamity war... I don't think it will be changed, the demand of VIP1 players is very low cause even free players already are VIP6+ thanks to the last events and supporter passes. And end now in DT and CWs are probably the only benefits for VIP2 players it wouldnt be fair for them. I recommend you either saving enough returned gold to buy a VIP 6 months and become VIP2 or invite someone who have 400k+ BR to push you in CWs
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        Alright guys, thanks for all the suggestions! I am trying to save up all my Returned Gold Coins to my best of ability, but according to my calculations, if my Battle Rating doesn't increase, It'll take exactly 31 days more (excluding getting Returned GC from Statues and all) if I want to buy VIP 1 month, so I don't even wanna imagine how long 6 Month VIP would take....(EDIT: Approximately 238 days more after I can afford it, cuz I have 79 ReturnedGC saved up) can free players acquire Supporter Passes? In the Shop, it clearly states that it can only be bought by Recharged Gold Coins....Or am i missing something?

        Thank you for responding so soon, Castiel and Hotscrock!
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 can free players acquire Supporter Passes? In the Shop, it clearly states that it can only be bought by Recharged Gold Coins....Or am i missing something?
          Sometimes when a big mess happens, devs send a server-wide compensation to players, which sometimes may have a supporter pass included.
          VIP system and benefits is something that devs are not willing to change, i will ask them about farm improvements.


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            Thank you Alkaris.

            And....I'm gonna hafta wait for a big mess, huh? (Meant as a joke)
            Anyways, Thank you for the quick and helpful responses, everyone!