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Facebook payment unnanouced changes?

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  • Facebook payment unnanouced changes?

    So... Let me get this right. You guys made a change in payment options without announcing it to anyone? And you took the 5$ option off the table? What is actually wrong with R2. You guys could use any amount of money anyone willing to recharge and you really think that a 10$ minimum is better then people willing to spend 5$ multiple times? How does someone who is willing to get the 1500 gold reward for return galore but not any higher becausenof their respective budget are going to do?!. This game could use a ton of micro transaction. Such as 100 gold, 300gold and 500gold.

    No making any mentions to any of your players in advance is the biggest slap in the face anyone whos playing this game can have. You tought no one would noticed? Well you just loosing a few players who were regular recharger. Not only your risking of loosing money but your angering fan of this game who been loyal for four years now. So.. Imagine

    1 person 5$/month, 60$/year, 4years/260$ (people in real life only pays a max of 100$ for a ps3 or xbox game.

    Your money management is greedy and you guys need to fix this.