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Game is dead...

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  • Game is dead...

    It's hard to see this game die after all this time playing. Events are in an automatic endless loop, devs dont even need to program anymore, they just have a routine already set.Since August 8 we dont have fórum posts about events anymore, not sure if devs relegated the game and dont even care about forums anymore or if they noticed its pointless to post the same events over and over after every 4 weeks. Some mod will reply this post saying the game is not dead, but we dont need words anymore we need actions. Dont TELL us the game is not dead, just SHOW it with actions. We have endless promises but nothing concrete (anyone remember the guild upgrades planned even since rollback?), servers are dead and no merges happening... (am I the only one that heard a promise of a merge from a mentor?). It seems the game is only squeezing the remaining players before close it. Please... prove I am wrong, no promisses needed, just do it.

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    Devs never care about forums, because they dont have relations to it, as forums are part of R2Games and developers of DragonPals are not part of this company. I will ask about event posts, but most likely person responsible for it is on vacation and posts were missed.
    As for actions in game, R2Games cant influence it in any way because as i told devs are not controlled by R2Games.