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  • Game situation

    I often talk to people about the situation of the game and when it will close and most of the time I encourage people to continue playing. Flash Player Support is definitely a factor, but we can probably continue playing DP using the R2 Client if the game survives until then. The most important aspect at the moment is the player base. The more people give up, the greater the chance of closing the game.
    When I check the friend list, the guild rosters and old screenshots, I miss friends who have recently given up or long ago. When I started at DP we had people of all ages and from all over the world, but now we have a very specific audience.
    60% of the top 100 players in US East are inactive, and about half of the remaining players are either stuck in the game because they regret the money and time spent or they are simply ghosts without a proper soul guided by other players. The minority still have friends who keep them motivated to keep playing, otherwise it would be difficult to find a purpose to keep playing, since most of their stuff is maxed or depends exclusively on money for updates.
    In fact, what keeps the game alive are the small and medium players who have not yet explored all the game's content and have a real motivation to play alongside the friends they made.
    Everyone knows that the game is currently a drifting boat, we reached 18 months without any change to events rotation (not even the "seasonal" Glorious Christmas returned in that period). I think it is sensible enough to assume that it will remain that way until their last days. Therefore, I recommend everyone to enjoy the present when we still have several friends around who have not given up. Cheers to all.
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    About Flash Player Support mentioned on the previous post:
    So far we have a lot of speculation about this matter, but one of the few official sources come from Adobe's blog:
    In this article they mention the plan to stop distributing and supporting Flash Player at the end of 2020. What exactly that means? It means you no longer will be able to download it through Adobe site and if you already had, it will stop receiving updates. It's similar to what happens to Operational Systems at some point of it's lifespam.
    For example. Windows XP support ended at 2014 and still there are people and even small business with older computers that still uses it, despite it's not supported anymore. The same must happen to Flash Player, except that it depends on a browser to run and at some point all browser will block it.
    But that is not the end, even after Flash Player dies we will be able to continue using it through the R2Client.
    So we are supposed to keep using an outdated vulnerable version of Flash Player to keep playing? Hmm... Yes. Everyone who uses R2Client already is using an outdated Flash Player version from 2015, so probably it will keep running after Flash Player life ends as long as it don't receive updates. Here is a screenshot that shows the R2Client Flash Player version and the site with version history that confirms the version is from 2015.
    Click image for larger version

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    So all we can do for now is to wait.
    Several games were closed before we reach this deadline and I think it's not wise to be worried about something that will happen in a relative distant future.
    Enjoy the game and move to R2Client when your browser blocks your Flash Player
    Bots are real even though people deny its existence.
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