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  • Some reflection

    In the last six years playing Dragon Pals I met many people, at this time I made many friends and many others left me for different reasons. Currently, the game is nothing more than a mockery of what it was before, but it is still the gaming community the biggest draw that keeps the game going. I always found people interesting and since they are the main asset, they play a fundamental role in this game. Sometimes, knowing the aspects of the game proves to be much less efficient than knowing the human aspect. During that time, I made several true friendships inside and outside my guild and some fake ones that proved unsustainable after some time.

    However, not everyone is motivated for the same reasons. It is sad when players get to the point where the only thing that keeps them in the game is the regret for the time and money invested. When someone reaches that melancholic point, I consider it's a Game Over. And again, the only thing that can save us from reaching that point is the interest in what remains of the game and the friendships that have been formed over time. When I see people talking repeatedly that only continue to playing because of their friends, I agree, but sometimes it is curious because their attitudes do not always demonstrate the intentions of the words. I see people who is motivated only by the desire to defeat others. They simply lost their focus and their success now depends only on the failure of their enemy. Unfortunately, when this step is reached, the tendency is only to get worse over time.

    The East Coast server currently is the merge of all servers and it has incorporated the "culture" from different eras of the game. Newer servers tend to be more helpful with new players and, due to the fact that everyone is discovering the game together, they are more cooperative. On the other hand, older servers are basically composed of strong, old accounts that complete their daily activities in a few hours and spend most of their time AFK, being much less interactive. Inevitably, these characteristics are reflected in the guilds and, over time, they change, so it's not reasonable to judge someone's attitude without knowing their background. Since the Dragonian Duel times we had conflicts between people who wanted to fight and people who only wanted to collect crystals. Personally, I always preferred the battle, but I respected the opinion of those who just wanted to collect the crystals as long as they had a team to protect them during the collection. However, the alternative was always to complain about who wants to play differently, instead of strengthening their team.

    The same applies to Guild battles. Some players participate because of the points, others because of kill count and even others just for the fun of fight, losing or winning. It is not up to us to decide how each player should play. If a player is the only one to appear in a battle, I consider they are fighting for the honor of their guild, killing or dying. If the objective is just points and not the honor of the guild, they have several other guilds with more players that can advance further and give them more points. But, again, this is my opinion and it determines my way of acting. In no way I will try to convince someone that it is the only right way to act.

    It is possible to have rivalry without make enemies in a competitive game, we only need respect between the two parties. Since the last merger, I have learned that it is possible to have real friends in a opponent guild, after several failed attempts in which I was considered disposable after being placed in a confrontational condition. It is not always easy to accept other people's opinions, but it is not necessary to agree with anyone. Everyone is free to respectfully disagree, but the moment you try to impose an idea on someone else, the limit of respect is exceeded and no longer a consensus can be achieved. As long as we act within our limits and do not invade the space of others, we are contributing to mutual understanding. So I only wish everyone can enjoy the game, no one needs to base their success or failure on other people actions. Everyone is responsible for their own happiness.
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