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Gem synthesis

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  • Gem synthesis

    We need a way to synth lvl 4+ gems since now there are no lvl 4+ gems synth recipes.

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    addition i`ve checked vip pannel and it seems only after vip 5 we can synth lvl 6 and below gems it would be better if that would be reduced because if we get around 10k coins per day even if we spend it all everytime it would take 13.3 days to be able to get lvl 4 -5-6 and so on gems, making alpha testing gems imposibile due to limited time


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      Just the fact that it takes VIP for that will shoo alot of gamers away ô_O


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        U need to get 35 lvl for lvl 4 gem synthesis, so i guess its 40 or 45 for lvl 5 gem..lvl 6 is avilable only for vip..


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          its still bad ...anyway you put it leveling is very energy dependent and there are no exp boosters or any other means of getting exp than dailies and instancing that gives not so much exp. lvl 40 i think won`t be reached at the end of alpha and if it will there are a ton of things that won`t have a proper way of testing,bugs only show when multiple accounts do the same thing for like a dosen times ,others are just individual glitches,making testing useless most of the time.


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            By level 35, I have the Level 4 option as well as Level 5 Synthesis for gems. I am also VIP level 4 by now, and working towards getting VIP 5 so I can test that part. I am not able to put much money at all into the game, so VIP in all forms is out of my reach financially, which is upsetting, since I fell in love with this game already. This is going to push many of us away.