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    FINAL EDIT: I'm not at all happy with the way you have changed this game. I understand you work for profit and don't make games out of charity, however your pricing is absolutely insane! 10,000 gold coins is $100?! Your cool-down times (especially regarding guilds) are usually well over that?! Great way to ruin an otherwise wonderful idea! I definitely WILL NOT be playing this from here on out with the way it is set. Goodbye, greedy ones!

    MAJOR REQUEST ~~~ PLEASE ADD MORE MAIN AND SIDE QUESTS!!! Grinding out 2 levels just when we've barely had 3 quests after hitting level 40 is a bit much. Time wasting is not on my list of things I enjoy doing, and at that rate, I will not be enjoying the game as much since there are not enough real quests to keep my interest. I love the events offered, and appreciate the game in general. I am just asking for you to please invest in more quests so it keeps us entertained, or you likely won't have many paying players who will stay. Just a sincere thought.

    1) ~ Visible Clock & Time Bar letting us know when the next event is coming up. ~

    I ask that because I have seen the 24 hour time at the bottom of the screen, but it is hard to see due to low contrasting colors, and harder to tell when the next event is coming up, since all times are listed in 12 hour format. I am far from stupid in figuring out time conversion from 12 hr to 24 hr, but it is very hard to see and would be better placed within the game screen itself for ease of use for all gamers.

    2) ~ Docked Icons for all Events - 1 for Upcoming Events, 1 for Daily requirements, etc ~

    Please, please, please, PLEASE do this. The screen is badly cluttered!

    3) ~ Make the Wishing Well a permanent daily bonus ~

    Most of us thought the Wishing Well was a daily thing we could use 3x per day to help us, and were disappointed to find out that it wasn't. Please consider this.

    4) ~ Reduce the costs within the guild for all pricing, and give Guild Masters a list of events that have occurred ~

    Prices are insanely high! We are limited to contributing a certain amount of amethyst per day, yet can contribute the gold coins like wildfire when we need them elsewhere. The pricing itself (coins for cool-down, contrib needed to get certain skills or costs for upgrading, etc) would be better adjusted so that those starting off in the game can actually afford them instead of leaving themselves destitute within the game in order to pay for what is needed to advance. Either way, PLEASE allow us to use the coins contributed to the guild to help end cooldowns or allow us to work towards ending the cooldown as a GUILD. We all work together on everything else and your prices for cooldowns are unbelievably high. Please allow us to work on this as a GUILD together - So that we all help ourselves move forward. Each person pays a part of the cooldown and if enough do so, enough time is taken off of the cooldown so we can move forward instead of being deadlocked by 120 hour cooldowns. 0.0 Major gripe there ...

    It would be nice for us to have a list of events that have occurred (Who approved whom's application, who kicked whom out of the guild and the reason could be documented in the sentence, who paid for cool-down and how much, etc). I feel at odds not knowing what is going on each time I come back to the computer after being AFK, new names showing up with no idea who approved them, names missing due to people being kicked, etc. Guild Masters need this information to be where we can access it at will.

    5) ~ Make it so that all members of a guild can contribute coins to the Cool-Down, not just 1 person ~

    For 1 person to carry the full load of coin payment for a cool-down (again, talking about these prices being crazy high) is bankrupting several of us already. Please make it so that all members can contribute whatever amount they wish directly into payment to reduce the time of the Cool-Down itself. This could be accomplished by figuring the time cut from the Cool-Down per 100 coins paid, if needed. It would definitely help!

    6) ~ Please cut all gem upgrades OUT of VIP and return them to all players ~

    I know your intent is to make money in this (we all know you aren't doing this for free), so I'm not ignoring that. The issue remains that upgrading gems is an absolute necessity for players to advance, and many of us (myself included) cannot afford the cost of paying for the game except in rare instances. If we have to pay to advance at all in an area that is necessary for us to continue in the game as free players, then how can the game be called "Free to Play"? ALL areas needed for advancement on a normal scale should be available to both free and paying players equally. I am not talking about the Orb capturing perks, etc, just the gem synthesis. (On a secondary note, cost for converting gems from one type to the other is unbelievably high. Please consider lowering that price. For a lv1 gem conversion, closer to 10k amethyst per gem would be appropriate, 20k for a lv2, 30k for a lv3, etc)

    7) ~ Allow us to choose the dragons we use to support us, like in our skills ~

    By this, I mean mixing and matching the dragons we have unlocked (1 from one set, 1 from another), so we combine the options available for different combinations of support. I am not sure what it would take to implement this, but it would be a nice option.

    8) ~ Make all lists able to be sorted by the category name (Battle Rating, Name, Level, etc) ~

    Pretty please? This is for ease of use, again, and it makes sense given the categories you allow us. Thank you in advance!

    9) ~ Allow us to stack Unbound and Bound items together in our pack ~

    I know the point is to keep them separate, but please allow us the choice to stack them together, thus losing our unbound status for those items. They take up very valuable space in our inventory!

    10) ~ Please add a sorting function to our inventory (By gems, equipment, items, etc) ~

    As of right now, we cannot organize our bags as we need to. For me, it is hard to look at a disorganized bag (OCD) and not want to twitch in frustration. :P This would be much appreciated by many people.

    11) ~ Please set online/offline people's names a different color & have an auto-respond or block for PMs to offline people ~

    Again, this goes back to contrasting colors, it being difficult to see them as obviously offline (online being in green, offline being in full black or another dark color, possibly also introducing another warning color (red) for those who are offline more than 3 days?).

    12) ~ Please allow us to ride our dragon instead of it following us! hahaha ~

    Some of us love the idea of riding dragons instead of them following us, so would it be a possibility to toggle that option on or off? It would likely be off by default if ever implemented. Obviously, the dragons would continue to fight behind us as already set, but it would make for a fun sight when running back and forth.

    EDIT: Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I have now read through the other posts and see that a couple others have suggested a few things I have listed here. We all are working together to help the devs make the best game possible for all of us to enjoy, so please do chime in and let us all know what you think would be advances for the game. Devs, I hope you all are well, and I want to thank you for the time you've devoted to this game! I love it so far, with exception to the few things I outlined above with suggestions to improve them.

    ~*~ Illiria ~*~

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    In addition to what you said Illiria most of us still wonder why dragons have only one skill unlocked and why can`t we open up new ones since they have 4 skills slots.A good combination of dragon skills can change the outcome of one battle and for lower players can be a good gasp for air keeping them connected to the game .
    + In a second manner we need for alpha a better way of leveling up, with more exp so we can reach higher levels test other things that haven`t been tested yet since in the end of the alpha i truthfully doubt that anyone will reach lvl 40 not to say 50 and so on.Since is alpha and its going to be an all out wipe after it wouldn`t bother giving us like exp packs like in yitien cheers ! Remo


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      Originally posted by Shaeleigh View Post
      ~~ I have seen several spelling errors, grammatical errors and a couple glitches in which the loading icon locks up in the game, which is to be expected. I would be glad to help find and eliminate them if you need assistance with such things. I have plenty of time on my hands, and would love to help make the game the best it can possibly be. ~~
      Please do help find such things, that is after all the whole point of the alpha test Please post your findings in the Bothersome Bugs section, with screenshots if you can. And, if you wouldn't mind grouping them by type and not all in one thread, (typos in one thread, a specific glitch in one thread, etc) so that staff can find them easily, that would be awesome.

      Great list of suggestions, by the way
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        As well as having a button to 'View' a character of the person you're talking with in private chat, if you didn't initiate the chat or if you dont have them on your friend list you can't view them unless you see them ingame or add them.


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          I would like to suggest that you could convert your gold coins into amethyst in a certain change rate.... because some other players may find it to difficult to earn amethyst when they already gone bankrupt... and i think it would give a positive outcome in the game if it will be implemented


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            For your first two suggestions you can see all your information you need via the "Events Guide" located under your "Quest Tracker"

            Also the events icons on the main screen show a countdown for when the events are starting


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              Originally posted by XaMeZ View Post

              For your first two suggestions you can see all your information you need via the "Events Guide" located under your "Quest Tracker"

              Also the events icons on the main screen show a countdown for when the events are starting
              The problem is not in viewing the times for the events or accessing the icons. The problem, as I stated above, is that for the icons, they clutter the screen badly (take up too much space when not needed), and for the time/clock, it is hard to find the current server time, especially if you are unable to discern the low contrasting colors used in the dark gray background around the game screen. We need a more visible and incorporated time clock within the game space, and to de-clutter the unnecessary icons from the top of the screen itself. Possibly making them adhere to a collapsible bar like the quest window and event book do would be an apt solution to the clutter. Some of us are unable to be online all day to watch for the icons to appear and the current setup leaves us unaware of how long we have before an event that hasn't started countdown yet will occur. (Some players have sight/vision issues and cannot see the low contrasting colors)
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                Thank you very much for such detailed suggestions. They are forwarded and we appreciate your support. Btw, I prefer the last suggestion personally :P



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                  Another suggestion I'd like to make is more of a balancing act.

                  In the demon tower, archers and warriors have an unfair advantage over mages for advancing the levels of the tower as every monster has higher Mdef than Pdef. By making these values equal (like with the Matk and Patk of the monsters) this would bring it back to being more balanced than what it is right now.


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                    I want to voice my opinion about the gem buying in VIP with coins. I want to say that it really kills the game (although it gives the devs some extra cash). Today I went to a shopping spree and guess what? I went from being the worst in PvP to one of the best. It really makes no sense that a player could go on about raising his stats so high so fast. This just kills the purpose of RPG (role playing your way to the top) and makes the game being all about exp exp and exp. Grinding your way for gems through events, daily completions, Demon Tower and other stuff like dungeons gave the game another dimension of RPG, with the careful planning of gem class transformation. with the option to buy and bypass that RPG just kills the purpose of the game, unbalancing the line between Credit card players and free player community. How much wealthy you are in real life should not affect how well you do in the game to that extent.


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                      I agree with Shaeleigh's suggestions. I see that several have been implemented and rock on to you for doing so. Any chance you could add an "AFK" status somewhere so people know we haven't been ignoring them for the past three hours while we aren't planted in front of the keyboard?


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                        Please do add that we need to upgrade gems too... so why not put up the upgrade thing more thn just lvl 3 in forge?


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                          The gems levels are down to your VIP status.

                          Click image for larger version

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                            Originally posted by XaMeZ View Post
                            The gems levels are down to your VIP status.


                            Yes, I am aware of that. The issue at that time was that we all were "flying blind" in playing this game with no assistance in figuring out anything at all. I have now been informed that at level 50, the level 6 synth for the gems is unlocked. Whether that is true or not, I do not know personally. If this is not open to all members, free OR pay, then it's not a game I want to play at all, honestly. I don't want to invest time and realize later on that I won't be able to get stronger unless I absolutely devote quite a bit of money (that I can't afford, low income) to advance any further in terms of strength. I don't mind it taking me a bit longer, just as long as it IS possible. Do you understand what I mean? (alt acct of Shaeleigh/Illiria)


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                              the 1 thing i would like to see change is the "guild events" atm u only have 2 and they run one after the other starting around 1900 server time ( this is no good for ppl who live in the GMT time areas as it is around 4-5am) could u not make it alot like the demon tower where u can go into them at ANY time of day but only once per day for the same lenth of time as now and then reset on a daily basis ???
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